Mappers Biography

Association Paz Joven Guatemala is the youth-led organization, founded in 2005. It has over 400 adolescent and youth volunteers through 25 branches at municipal level all over the country.
The mission of Paz Joven Guatemala is to create the space for youth participation in Guatemala, where adolescent and youth can promote and generate opportunities for training, education and political participation, as well as inclusion in decision-making spaces locally and nationally.
Mappers are from five (5) branches:
1. Champerico municipality in Department of Retalhuleu
2. San Andres Semetabja municipality in Department of Solola
3. Cantel municipality in Department of Quetzaltenango
4. San Marcos municipality in Department of San Marcos
5. Jerez municipality in Department of Jutiapa.

Climatic conditions of the country

Guatemala’s climate is divided in two seasons throughout the year: the dry season (summer) and the rainy season (winter). The dry season is from November to April, and the rainy season is from mid-May through October (or November). The mean temperature varies in geographical regions, which are 1) the Peten tropical region, 2) the Pacific Coast Region and 3) the Highlands (mountain areas). The Peten region is located in northern part of the country and has humid tropical climate, with the usual temperature above 30°C. The Pacific Coast region has also the tropical climate. In this region, the temperature arise up to 40°C during daytime. In the Highlands region, the climate is principally moderate and temperate, such as temperature in daytime does not exceed 30°C.