Scholars prepare for the COP21

On Monday night, as the school is drained of its last studying souls for the likes of an evening, a high school club prepares for the COP21 by showcasing mock debates in the style of the Conference of Parties. Indeed, dozens of scholars were representing countries for this realistic simulation. This provides a well-organized platform to educate youngsters about the challenges and difficulties in such high level negotiations. “You learn way more in record time, nothing compared to class” says Alex, a senior student. Nevertheless, these simulations attract quite big groups of students since they are known to bring them into the heart of the action. So, for an hour, debates wage in the amphitheater, from freshmen to seniors, each and every youngsters in the group desperately seeks a solution. Therefore, as night falls on the Toulouse sky, the students debrief and the results of the night’s session are analyzed. The process is suspended and then postponed until the next week for a new subject.

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