UNICEF and Climate change

COP21? Not without the children!

2015 is a major year for the action on climate change closely connects to the adoption of the New Objectives of the Sustainable Development to 2030. The negotiations during year 2015 will end in a new climatic agreement for the 21th Conference of the Parties in the Master agreement of United Nations on climate change (CCNUCC), COP21, in Paris on December 2015. The obtaining of a just and ambitious agreement is crucial for the future of children. Indeed, the climate change has a catastrophic impact on a big part of the progress realized for children during the previous decades.

The commitment of UNICEF in favour of sustainable environment for the children is a part of its strategic  priorities. This commitment involves actions to be led to limit the impact of climate change, as for the development of the impact strength and the support for the risk prevention within the framework of the programs spread on. UNICEF pleads at the same time for an evolution of the national policies on climate, supporting the voice of the young people and developing sustainable and innovative solutions for children.