Act now for tomorrow

Climate change digital map

Digital mapping: how does it works?

1. Toolkit

A smartphone
An issue
Voices of Youth Maps

2. Steps

1. Spotting
2. Environmental issue
3. Mapping
4. Meet people
5. Redaction of the report
6. Digital reporting


Within the framework of the preparation of this summit of the climate change, UNICEF France in partnership with the programmatic UNICEF teams in New York, proposes a digital map to dread the daily realities lived by the young people worldwide, according to the impacts of the climatic disorder on their community.

In June 2015, thanks to the platform The Voices of Youth, UNICEF issued an appeal to the young people to contribute to the realization of an international climatic mapping cartography. Basing on photos and videos, approximately 150 young people from all over the world, represented its environmental problems (waste, stagnant waters) or best practice (sustainable cities, mobilization citizen to clean waste…)

In association with the UNICEF offices of these 8 countries, UNICEF France then produced this platform Act Now For Tomorrow who restores the productions about 150 youth.