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the effects of climate change
Sabah, Borneo – Food is everywhere
Sabah, Borneo – Palm Oil Forest
Sabah, Borneo – Green Technology : Handicraft
Sabah, Borneo – Natural Water Resource
Sabah, Borneo – Planting Paddy Hill
Sabah, Borneo – How we use our resources
Sabah, Borneo – Youth and Elders, Unite
Sabah, Borneo – Open Burning
Sabah, Borneo – Destroyed mangrove Ecosystem
Sabah, Borneo – Despite Destruction, there is hope
Unhealthy waters overwhelms Sabongari
Contaminated Wells
Bring land back to life
A lane deteriorated by water run-off
Fighting for an access to water
Sun: The remedy for the whole Sahelian zone
The rice husks oven
Relocated People of Seno
The gutters of Poudriere’s hospital
Solar Optic lights
The Djedje popular market
Mirongo River
Washed Away Road at Nyasaka Ward Mwanza
Corner ya Bwiru Nursery
Pasiansi Dump
Clogged water channel at Ghana
Dumpsite at Kitangiri
Prevent against abusive cut of the trees
Difficult Access
People crossing the water
Environmental clubs/schools
Reduce, Recycle, Reuse
Chitemene Traditional Farming system
Tree Planting
Cutting of Trees for Charcoal
Open Air Burning and Garbage Disposal
Bare Land
Garbage Dumping and Pollution
Solar Cooker (Masasa Park)
Epworth Killer Dam
Recycling site in Bulawayo
Pollution in Mazayi
Tippy tap at Fort Rixon school
Biogas production system
Veldt fire
Illegal dumping on a pathway
Firewood for sale
Recycled Funky bins
Burst pipe
Contamination of the lake Atitlan
Aquatic plants: a good solution
Deforestation, an environmental problem
Contamination of the Candelaria River
Guatemalan Red Cross reforestation
Illegal dumping
Floods in San Marcos
Transport into the Future
Wind farms
Bottle bank in Schull
Sudden floods in Goleen, Co Cork
Making bioplastics from seaweed
R591 causeway damage
Shanganagh Community Allotments
Eco-neighbourhood of Saint Ouen
Hotel Paris
Indoor composting
An innovative initiative – composters in Neuilly-sur-Seine
The Naturoscope
Mobile homes in Toulouse
The allotments in Épinay
A shack in the woods
Scholars prepare for the COP21
Ring road
Shared gardens
Damage from pollution
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