The allotments in Épinay

As part of its Agenda 21, the town has done its allotments up on Rue Henri Wallon, in order to allow the Spinassiens to benefit from the joys of gardening. As part of its Agenda 21, the town has committed to create allotments in free plots of land. The aim is to improve the environment, develop biodiversity, as well as social ties, by allowing Spinassiens to create and maintain their garden. As well as growing on 30 allotments, fruit trees and compost bins, the allotments have been designed with a rainwater management system in order to optimise water usage. The 30 recipients of the allotments chosen by the town after a call for applications have created an association to ensure that the allotments are managed correctly according to an agreement. They have committed to respecting the gardening code of conduct whose aim is to promote techniques that are respectful of both the environment and of biodiversity (such as mulching and green manure)

A shack in the woods
Indoor composting