Indoor composting

My town council has put indoor composting measures in place. The residents who wish to reduce their waste can be set up with an indoor composting kit (including earthworms and their habitat) so that they can recycle their food waste at home. In 2013, 148 people benefited from this measure, and in 2014 this rose to 220 people. Furthermore, this practise has been extended to primary schools, nurseries and town parks, which now have their own compost bin. There’s also a possibility of installing communal compost bins in blocks of flats. This initiative results in reducing the amount of domestic waste that needs to be collected and treated, making children aware of recycling and composting, and is also useful in gardens. All of the acts of waste reduction contribute to the fight against global warming by reducing the volume of waste transported and by avoiding their incineration, which creates greenhouse gases. This measure, which is accessible to everyone as it is free and simple, allows citizens to act against global warming.

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