An innovative initiative – composters in Neuilly-sur-Seine

The local council in Neuilly-sur-Seine has put an innovative initiative in place to reduce the volume of rubbish produces by its residents – the council gives out free compost bins to its residents. The traditional compost bin, which is used in a garden, is a box made up of four planks of wood. One can dispose of vegetable and fruit peel, leftover meet and fish, off herbs, animal titter and even cardboard and paper. When it decomposes, organic matter in the compost can lose up to 75% of its volume. This allows us to gather a far greater amount of rubbish using the same amount of energy. To compost in an apartment, there’s an indoor composter – a big plastic tub that works the same way. Except that worms can speed up the decomposition process! But don’t worry; they don’t like light so there’s no risk that they’ll get into your kitchen. As well as reducing the energy consumption related to waste management, using an indoor composter allows the collection of a very fertile liquid that can be recovered thanks to a tap on the composter.

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