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Connect for Change

All of these participants are part of a wider network of “Connect for Change” Youth Activists. This is an umbrella body that provides opportunities for young people to network and create opportunities for local and global change.

Climatic conditions of the country

When it comes to Climate Change, Ireland and it’s government have their heads firmly in the sand. We have failed to do our fair share when it comes to tackling our greenhouse emissions. We are the fourth largest polluter per capita in the EU and our emissions are on the rise. This means we will not reach our commitment to the EU 2020 targets. Given current trends our emissions will actually rise by 12% in the period up to 2030.

If everyone on the planet were to live the way Irish people currently live, it would take three planets to support us. On average, each Irish person is responsible for emissions of 12.6 tonnes of greenhouse gases annually. This amounts to about 40 per cent more than countries such as Germany or the UK and 40 per cent more than the average for the EU as a whole. In fact, Ireland emits more greenhouse gases than the poorest 400 million people in the world combined. For a country that is proud of our overseas development work, this fact stands in stark contrast to the contribution we are making to the current and future food insecurity.